The Life That I Have (2020) - EP

by The Magic Lantern

Gentle Face 04:12
Gentle face How I need you when I make mistakes You put things in their rightful place So we can go to sleep And i’ll put the mountains back together at your feet Piece by piece up until to the snowy peaks While all the world sweats concrete Tender one I had a dream where all I did was run And they knew what I had done Please help me go to sleep I pulled the plug and let the oceans drain away We can cross them again some rainy day When all our fears our hearts betray We might as well We might as well Start over again Silver tongue Whisper words from all the songs we’ve sung You know what we could become So sing me back to sleep And we've swapped the sky for a glowing tiny screen Head down walking, trapped in the machine babe So say farewell to the Holocene We might as well We might as well Start over again
If a heart breaks all alone, Does it make a sound? And would anybody listen, If it was booming all around? Like the last tree crashing down, From a forest once renowned, We can see, but can’t hear ourselves falling, We can see, but can’t hear ourselves falling babe. We circle ’round each other, Like atoms spin through space. We’re solitary creatures, Who crave a warm embrace. And we all need to be looked after, And to feel the balm of laughter. But in crowds I feel lonelier than ever, But in crowds I feel lonelier than ever babe. Please stay a while and hold me, Forget what’s been and gone. It’s from the death of innocence, That true love can be born. And if not now then someday soon, Beneath a harvest moon, We’ll lie and love again like old lovers do, We’ll lie and love again like old lovers do. We’ll lie and love again We’ll lie and love again We’ll lie and we’ll love again.
From my window I see you But you don't see me A hundred stories With no-one in them But me, and the enemy and you Your guardian angel's sleeping While you're up here and weeping You're cold and shaking You lonely creature You clear the ledge deep with snow The pulse quickens The tears are dried now A crowd has gathered below And mothers baby's falling Through arms outstretched and calling That it's not the ending There are just more stories
What came easy Oh the frustration What a cruel hand You’ve been dealt To see the wave coming With nowhere to run to And just our hands to hold It’s a family affair To make peace with despair And singing songs To stave away the tears A wreck in slow-motion So slow it seems normal That each fresh loss, stings less But joy finds a way through Through each new hole in our hearts To even laugh at how lucky we are It’s a family affair To make peace with despair And singing songs To stave away the tears How many goodbyes Do we have in us? But give me strength For the last
Winter’s cold is coming, Lonely people stay indoors, Huddled ’round their heaters, Huddled ’round their heaters, Like sailors missing shore. We’re confronted every morning, Of still waiting to grow up, All your questions will be answered, Your questions will be answered in time. So put on all your jumpers, And scream around the house. And let it out... The day’s the same as always, But now it’s growing dark, And nobody comes calling, Nobody comes calling anymore. If you’ve got no one to hold, You can hold onto me, You can hold onto me, We’ll warm ourselves. Where’s my lover? And when’s my time? In heaven we’ll find old friends, We might laugh and make amends, We might laugh and make amends, Enjoy ourselves. Where’s my lover? And when’s my time?


To make anything is to walk a tightrope between forcing ones will on the world and having enough wherewithal to know when all you can do is float amid the flotsam and jetsam of a life's rolling waves. I have felt the acuteness of this balancing act more than ever in the making of this record. 

The title of the EP is taken from a poem by Leo Marks that was written as a poem code for the agent Violette Szabo in the Second World War. It's one of my Mum's favourite poems and over the last few years has become one of mine. It captures the depth of love and loss and something of its bittersweet beauty, which I've tried to convey this music. This record is dedicated to my mother.   


released January 31, 2020

Written by Jamie Doe
Produced by Fred Thomas
Arranged by Jamie Doe & Fred Thomas
Engineered by Fred Thomas & Ed Hillier
Mixed by Leo Abrahams
Mastered by Peter Beckman
Artwork by Richard Green

Performed by Jamie Doe and Fred Thomas. Saxophones by Dave Shulman & Ewan Bleach. Electric guitar by Harry Christelis. Recorder and backing vocals by Rhia Parker.

Thank you to Help Musicians UK for supporting this record through the 'Do It Differently Fund'.


all rights reserved



The Magic Lantern London, UK

The Magic Lantern is the musical moniker of singer-songwriter Jamie Doe.

Following his stunning third album ‘To The Islands’, his new EP ‘The Life That I Have’ sits with and acknowledges the inevitability of a loss witnessed in slow motion.

Currently recording his fourth album, he finishes the year with a first instrumental release 'My Soul Is A Strange Country' for solo piano, out now.
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